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This is Sir Lancelot Perry.  Excellent Bloodline and Temperament!  He is a wonderful father and Guardian Angel. 
This is Princess and some of her children Born January 15,.2013.  Below is one of these pups a little older and again at 18 months. Here is one example of what Princess and Lancelot's pups look like. What a Beauty.  Keeping him around and May Stud him out. He is Large, Muscular and has an  Excellent Temperament!  We call him Mr. Teal.
This is Clyde at the same age.  Wonderful Boy from Lancelot and Princess. Just to show you another one of her boys from the pups above.  
Life is calling us in a different direction.  We love these dogs and are so proud of them but life is short and they are all consuming. Lady and Princess are now retired!  Lady and Princess have girls and boys available of different ages. We are thinning out our herd and have some Gorgeous German Shepherds still available.  Call 720-491-9817  
These girls are Sir Lancelot and Lady's pups Born 3/14/12.  Each of them has had a litter of pups and has now been spayed.  We love each and every one of these dogs.  We just cant keep them all.  We are in search of just the right home for these Wonderful German Shepherds.  They live in the house.  We have a dog door and they go in and out at will.  I strongly suggest that owners of our Shepherds install one if they don't have one. Very Simple to do and wallah No accidents!  These girls are very loving and after bonding with you and yours would provide you with security and a feeling of being safe.  They will protect you.  Treat them well and they will have your back. If you are interested call me at 720-491-9817 for more details and to apply for adoption.  We normally charge 1500 per pup We are offering to just the right home a price of $800 and a whole lot of Love!.  They need to be a part of the family!  They need a fenced in yard and a dog door. You absolutely must have the time to spend with them and welcome them into your home!  They sleep on our bed or under it.  We also have crates that they love to sleep in.  They will make someone a marvelous Friend, Companion and Body Guard!
    Thank you

This is Goldie.
This is Snuggles.  
This is Miss Pink